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ExRx.net is a exercise resource of over 2000 pages for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast. ExRx.net features a comprehensive exercise instruction and kinesiology reference for exercise prescription with over 1400 animated exercises demonstrated, described, and analyzed.. exrx, back exercises, shoulder exercises, distance converter, chest exercises, weight converter, deadlift, one rep max calculator, 1 rep max calculator, upright row, bent over row, exrx.net, military press, shoulder press, length converter, romanian deadlift, arnold press, 1rm calculator, hack squat, skeletal system, exercises, fitness, muscles, weight lifting, weight training, weight loss, weights, bodybuilding, kinesiology, strength, training, stretches, workout, stretching, prescription, fat loss, nutrition, weight reduction, instructions, sport psychology, assessment, power, information, flexibility, exercise, biomechanics, fitness testing, body building, books, videos, calculators, anabolic steroids, consultation, professional, psychology, routine, exrx, intensity, muscle mass, muscular anatomy, physical, physical fitness, physique, posters, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, rx, speed, sports, sport, medicine, coaches, athletes, athletics, consulting, structural, courses, drug free, duration, evaluation, development, tapes, wellness, better health, figure, fit, frequency, gym, gymnasium, health, human body, human movement, information, muslce, personal trainers, ACE, ACSM, hard gainer, heavy duty, beauty, promotion, gym equipment, equipment, lifestyle, links, attractive, program, advice, body sculpting, regimes, huge, athletic shoes, musels, musles

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