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Xenna Corporation

Xenna Corporation develops and distributes foot care, skin care and hair care products: NonyX® Nail Gel for Clear, Healthy-looking Toenails, CalleX® Ointment for Dry Feet, Curlaway Chemical Free Relaxer, 183 Topical Scalp Solution and EthyleX Exfoliating Gel for Knees and Elbows.. NonyX, Xenna, Nail Gel, Toenail gel, Toenail solution, Keratin debris, Discolored toenail, Toenail, Yellow toenail, Ugly toenail, Thick toenail, Fingernail problem, Toenail problem, Fingernail separating, Toenail separating, Separated toenail, Natural product for toenails, Diabetic safe product for toenails, Products for toenails, Diabetic-friendly, CalleX, Foot cream, Ointment for dry feet, Dry feet, Dry heels, Rough heels, Cracked feet, Cracked heels, Foot moisturizer, Foot exfoliant, Exfoliate feet, Flaking heel, Scaly feet, Enzymes for feet, Thick soles, Hardened skin on heels, Diabetic safe foot products, Fast acting, Attractive feet, Healthy-looking toenails, Clear nails, Clear toenails, Curlaway, Relaxer, Natural hair relaxer, Hair relaxer, Chemical free relaxer, No lye relaxer, No chemical relaxer, Curlaway at Walgreens, Safe relaxer, Gentle hair relaxer, Relaxer without chemicals, Relaxer for children, Relaxer to touch up perms, Natural perms, Chemical free perms, Straight hair, Smooth hair, Silky hair, Curly hair, Kinky hair, 4b hair, Relaxer treatments, Relaxer types, Reversible hair relaxers, Thin hair products, Thin hair, Thicker hair products, Flat hair, Hair and menopause, 183, Scalp solution, Hair solutions, Full hair, Fuller hair, Hair problems, Widening part, Volumizing hair styles, More hair volume, Fine hair products, Hair styles for fine hair, Hair styles for thin hair, Hair styles after menopause, Hair styles for older women, Hair styles for men, Scalp problems, Scalp conditions, Hair treatments, Thin hair treatments, Fine hair treatments, Women’s hair problems, Women with thin hair, Men with thin hair, Men’s hair solutions, EthyleX, Dry elbows, Flaking skin, Rough skin, Dry knees, Dry skin patches, Rough skin patches, Dry skin on scalp, Dry skin on arms, Dry skin on elbows, Dry skin on knees, Dry skin products, Natural products for dry skin, Vitamin D and dry skin, Vitamin D products, Natural remedies for dry skin, Exfoliants for skin, Smooth skin, Soft skin, Elbow, Knee, Dry scalp, Clear skin, Clear up skin, Skin problems.

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