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Blue Squirrel provides software to save time and increase productivity. WebWhacker burns web sites onto CDs. WebSeeker scours search engines to find information on the Internet. ClickBook prints computer files as booklets. Click2PDF turns computer files into PDFs. Spam Sleuth prevents junk e-mail from entering inboxes. LiveSupport accesses personal computers for support personnel to assist customers. Grab-a-Site creates a mirror copy of a Web site. blue, squirrel, software, productivity, forefront, bookmaker, webprinter, clickbook, click2pdf, click book, quick, book, clickbooks, make book, web, whacker, webwacker, webwhacker, grab-a-site, grab a site, grabasit, banner, poster, day planner, greeting card, web seeker, webseeker, wipe drive, wipedrive, secure, clean, secure clean, live, support, livesupport, technical support, anti-spam, spam, junk email, email, e-mail, junk mail, spam sleuth, spamsleuth, spam sluth, antispam, make pdf, convert, Offline Browser, Offline Browsing, Browsing, Save Web pages, presentation, travel, airlines, archive, newspaper, software, education, school, elementary school, teacher, Internet, Utility, Shareware, Internet Software, Grab-a-Site, kid safe surfing, safe surfing, Parental Control, kid surfing, web search, Research Tool, Meta Searcher, Metasearcher, search engine, searching, find, EasySeeker, TechSeeker, LegalSeeker, searchbot, LinkSync, Synchronize, Free Download, Free Demo, Free Evaluation, GrabNet, printer, webprinter, Free Evaluation, office productivity, small business, squedule, Internet, Automation, System, Downloads


ClickBook for Windows!

Get the Award Winning ClickBook Application. ClickBook lets you print books, print directly to your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle, print church bulletins, print to your day planner, make PDF files, or print huge posters.


40% Discount On Every Order.

Grab 40% Discount On Every Order. Select From Staplers, Trimmers and many more.


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Save 20% on every sale that you refer. Our line of products boosts productivity by helping individuals, schools, and organizations find, classify, organize, and personalize information. You can help others by referring them to the Blue Squirrel site to purchase great software, and make some money at the same time. It is a win-win scenario.


Find Software to save time and increase productivity

Find Software to save time and increase productivity.


Get the Award Winning ClickBook Application

Get the Award Winning ClickBook Application.

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