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These Instructional Sports Books teach spectators how to watch and understand the games of Hockey, Football, Basketball and Soccer with simplified rules and much more.. fan guide, spectator guide, sports books, spectator, sports rules, football rules, basketball rules, hockey rules, ice hockey rules, soccer rules, football, basketball, ice hockey, hockey, soccer, rules of football, rules of basketball, rules of ice hockey, rules of hockey, rules of soccer, learning sports , teaching sports, watching sports, sports education, sports scholarships, athletic scholarships, sports terms, sports glossary, online glossary, hand signals, sports statistics, statistics explained, player biographies, sports fans, sports on tv, sports, instructional books, final four, ncaa, ncaa championship, nfl, super bowl, nfl playoffs, world cup, nba, nba playoffs, nba, championship, stanley cup, nhl, nhl playoffs, wnba, fifa, mls, mls playoffs, playoff format, college recruiting, paying for college, winning sports scholarships, football scholarship, soccer scholarship, golf scholarship, basketball scholarship, swimming scholarship, track scholarship, tennis scholarship, hockey scholarship, student athlete, football widow, glossary, getting into college, how to understand, how to watch, paying tuition, college coaches.

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