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Save up to $90 on special items.

Now Save up to $90 on special items. Shop on BF-30 5 Bluefang 5 in 1 SUPER COLLAR - Power Pet Door Control - Training -and more.

Expires On 1st February



$33 off + Extra 10 off on Rm-1 Radio Mat Electronic Scat Pad Kit

Redeem the offer $33 off + Extra 10 off on Rm-1 Radio Mat Electronic Scat Pad Kit. Keep pets off furniture, away from trash cans, doorways, and anywhere else that's off limits to pets! Radio Mat ™ is a great alternative to SCAT MAT ® because it corrects only pets wearing the radio collar, not people. It also gives you the painless SOUND BLAST feature.




$16 off + Extra $10 off on Battery Charger Kit For All Power Pet™ Fully Automatic Pet Doors

Grab the offer $16 off + Extra $10 off on Battery Charger Kit For All Power Pet™ Fully Automatic Pet Doors. Operates Power Pet Door in Full Battery Mode, Quick and Easy to Use, Eliminates Need for Power Pet Door AC Adapter.




$24 off on Designer Pet Crates

Obtain upto $24 off on Designer Pet Crates. Our Furniture-Quality, Eco-Friendly Pet Crate Tables are designed to match perfectly with every décor, while comfortably and safely securing pets. Decorative and functional, these pet crates offer pet owners a high quality, handcrafted alternative to unsightly wire pet crates.



$15 off on Yard Barrier Tm Wireless Electronic Pet Fence

Save upto $15 off on Yard Barrier Tm Wireless Electronic Pet Fence. This Electronic Fence System for dogs AND cats uses painless sound, not electric shock to keep your pet out of flower beds, gardens, off the porch, away from pools, ponds, trash cans or any other off limits area. The Yard Barrier's heavy duty outdoor receiver unit may be placed anywhere that is "off limits" to pets.




$30 off on Model Hc-8001 Super Value Kit

Super Savings - Grab $30 off on Model Hc-8001 Super Value Kit. Design of this new Ultra System features a completely new, ingenious design from top to bottom. New collar, new transmitter even special new wire specifically engineered for electronic dog fence use. Of course, the HC-8000 features our unique, proprietary PULSED PROPORTIONAL STIMULUS™, the most advanced, effective and humane type of training stimulus there is.



$70 off on Model PX-1 Power Pet ® Fully Automatic Pet Door

Grab $70 off on Model PX-1 Power Pet ® Fully Automatic Pet DoorThe PX model features an extremely slim design, being less than 2 inches deep. This allows it to be mounted flush to your door or wall. You cut a hole only as large as the door panel itself, then mount your POWER PET door in front of the opening. You will find it is actually easier to install a POWER PET door than a conventional pet door and certainly easier than installing a "between the studs type door".



$110 off + Extra $20 off on Hc-8000 Super Electronic Dog Fence.

Grab yhe offer $110 off + Extra $20 off on Hc-8000 Super Electronic Dog Fence. Super-Slim, Super-Comfortable Radio Collar: Our RC-8, Super-Slim collar is slimmer and well, more super than any other radio dog containment collar made. The New RC-8 collar has all sorts of ingenious features such as a built-in BATTERY TEST LED that automatically flashes every few seconds to let you know your collar is fully functional.




$10 off on Bark Terminator ® 3

Save upto $10 off on Bark Terminator ® 3. World's Most Advanced Bark Control Collar. With Progressive Sound and Shock Stimulus. Includes Normal, Anti-Intruder and Anti-Howl Modes with Sound Only, Stimulus Only and Sound Plus Stimulus Bark Correction.



$50 off on Express Trainer Tm

Grab upto $50 off on Express Trainer Tm. Long Range Remote Obedience Trainer with COMMAND-TONE-STIMULUS TM Technology. The Express Trainer is an advanced remote radio dog trainer that quickly teaches dogs multiple behaviors with High Tech Pet’s proprietary Command – Tone – Stimulus training system. Three positive training tones may be activated at the collar. These tones are associated with positive commands such as “Sit”, “Heel” and “Retrieve”. A negative tone is provided to command your dog to

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