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The Human Flower Project, directed by author and sociologist Julie Ardery, is a weblog of international flower news and floral customs. The site promotes research and discussion of how flowers are used and understood in many cultures, with special emphasis on the florist industry, flower rituals, religious traditions, and the social and psychological dimensions of gardening. The Human Flower Project also includes a photo album featuring flowers in social contexts.. Julie Ardery, Human Flower Project,Florist Industry,Flower information,Cross cultural study,Flowers and society,Flower history,Flower research,Meaning of flowers,Ethnobotany,Flower rituals,Flower traditions,Flower nore,Flower news,Language of Flowers,Flowers and culture,Sociology of flowers,Flower people,Flower customs,Psychology and flowers,Flower symbolism,International flower customs,Flowers and society,Flower discussion,Gardening and society,Flowers around the world,Flower Lovers,Day of the Dead,Rare flowers.


The Human Flower Project is an international newsgroup

Explore The Human Flower Project is an international newsgroup, photo album and discussion of humankind’s relationship with the floral world and more.

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