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#1 in Disc Golf, AKA Frisbee Golf, INNOVA patented the bevel edged disc that has driven Disc Golf forward. In 1983 Dave Dunipace created the World's first Disc Golf Disc designed specifically for the sport of Disc Golf. Our continuing design innovations and product improvements keep INNOVA number one in Disc Golf. INNOVA is the brand used exclusively by 12-Time World Champion Ken Climo.. innova,disc golf,disc golf equipment,innova disc golf,disc golf discs,innova discs,innova disc,disc golf basket,disk golf,frisbee golf discs,disc golf bags,ken climo,disc golf tips,innova disc chart,discs,disc golf baskets,innova katana,,discgolf,disc golf bag,dave feldberg,custom disc golf discs,best disc golf discs,disk golf discs,,discatcher,disc golf disc,disc golf driving tips,golf discs,innova roc,innova boss,innova groove,disc golf grips,innovadiscs,innova disk golf,disc golf putting tips,disc golf history,barry schultz,portable disc golf basket,disc golf equipment,innova disc golf discs,innova valkyrie,innova wraith,disc golf store locator,innova disc golf bags,innova beast,innova golf discs,disc golf disc chart,,champion katana,innova star katana,disc golf chart,innova destroyer,innova sidewinder,star katana,inova disc,innova champion discs,disc golf course design,innova teebird,innova orc,innova shark,innova firebird,inova discs,innova monarch,inova disc golf,innova frisbee,disc golf innova,innova disc golf chart,buy disc golf discs,golf disc,innova archangel,innova disc golf baskets,innova champion groove,innova leopard,david feldberg,disk golf disks,disc golf flight chart,,disc golf grip,champion valkyrie,innova disks,innova chart,innova eagle,innova frisbee golf,innova starfire,innova flight chart,innova discs chart,innova disk,innova golf,where to buy disc golf discs,innova champion beast,best frisbee golf discs,disk golf equipment,innova roadrunner,star boss,champion groove,hyzer flip,disc golf distance record,innova champion,understable disc golf discs,innova gremlin,innova discgolf.


Low Cost, High Value – Disc Golf is a Winner.

Get Low Cost, High Value – Disc Golf is a Winner. Getting your course in the ground will take a few simple steps.


Mid-Range Discs are designed to provide accuracy and control for a wide array of shots.

Find Mid-Range Discs are designed to provide accuracy and control for a wide array of shots.Bridging the gap from putter to driver, Mid-Range discs are versatile and effective in many situations. Mid-Range discs have a variety of uses from tunnel shots to flex shots, from short drives to approaches. When tight windows need to be hit and shot placement is crucial, Mids are the disc of choice for most players. Whether you’re a Pro or just starting out, we offer a wide range of Mids to match the



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