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Master Instruments is a leading importer, wholesaler and assembler of the widest range of portable and micro batteries under one roof in Australia. Large stocks of all consumer, industrial and OEM batteries & battery packs for most applications. For the leading brands at the best prices let us be your partner in portable power solutions.. accumulator,alkaline,assembly,australian,batteries,battery,battery holder,battery pack,button cell,cadmium,cadnica,camcorder,camera,carbon zinc,charger,coin cell,control equipment,Cordless Drill ,cordless phone,cyclon,Digital Camera,Emergency Lighting,Eneloop,hawker,hearing aid,hobby pack,industrial battery,instruments,inverter,laptop,lead acid,lithium,lithium ion,lithium polymer,lithium thionyl chloride,master series,Medical,Minidisc,Mulitmeter,nicad,NiCd,nickel cadmium,nickel metal hydride,NiMH,panasonic,power supply,renata,Replacement,sanyo,scanner,sealed lead,SLA,the master series,two way,ultralife,UPS,video camera,Watch,wholesale,zinc air.


Batteries at lower costs

Batteries at lower costs. You can select from sealed lead,SLA,the master series,two way,ultra life and more.

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